[RFC] - Requesting replacement airdrop for Refinable Captain Mark on BSC

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Authors: IamTroll & Mridul


Captain Mark is currently on Refinable and the Binance NFT marketplace. Binance does not allow us to pull on-chain data directly from a user’s address. Contracts created through Refinable do not allow us to control the metadata. These issues will complicate Captain Mark integration, and could stall further development. This proposal does not intend to move Captain Mark to another network. The smart contract for Captain Mark will remain on BSC.


Creating a CG controlled smart contract will provide more flexibility and utility to the team and the owners. It will allow for easier gaming integration, more trading options for users, any update in design, and other potential utilities.

Solutions for owners on Refinable

  • Chainguardians will make a request for Refinable to change the metadata. This will show the current NFT as deprecated. After confirmation of deprecation, the new Captain Mark will be airdropped to the owners’ address. (After 30 day notice we will continue to the below solution).
  • If the deprecation request fails, Chainguardians would then implement a claim process for owners. An address will be provided for owners to send in their NFT. Upon receiving the old Captain Mark, a new Captain Mark will be airdropped to the owner’s address.

Solutions for owners on Binance Marketplace:

  • Chainguardians will set up a wallet on Binance which will collect any submitted Captain Marks. The owner will need to verify the transaction. After confirmation of transaction, the new Captain Mark will be airdropped to a user owned address outside of Binance.


Owners will have a 12 month redemption period. If Refinable deprecation request fails then users will need to provide proof of Captain Mark ownership. The user will have an option to visit a swap portal in which they can confirm ownership, send in the old Captain Mark, and receive an airdrop of the new Captain Mark. This might also be accomplished through an announcement in which users will be given an address to send in their Marks. This will be a manual process. All airdropped Captain Marks will remain on the BSC network.


  • Voting “Accept” will start the process of a new Captain Mark smart contract on BSC. If the Refinable request fails then a claim process for an airdrop of the new Captain Mark begins. Binance claim process will also begin. This will allow for easier integration of Captain Mark into the CG ecosystem.
  • Voting “Decline” will leave Captain Mark metadata under Refinable’s control and any left on Binance’s marketplace will be off-chain until claimed. This will cause longer time frames for integration and limit the ability to develop Captain Mark.

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